Ergonomic operator station with first class comfort

We offer luxury-class ergonomic driver comfort. In our cabins, the driver truly sits in the center.

+ Same cabin for all harvesters and forwarders
+ Large window surfaces provide excellent visibility
+ Low noise level - quieter than in a new car
+ Comfort Line cabin suspension– the original since 2007
+ Unique LED lighting

Large and comfortable cabin

The spacious and comfortable cabin has a modern design where the driver is truly in the center. The large windows and low instrument panel provide excellent visibility both in the surrounding area and upward. The cabin is equipped with several storage compartments as well as a heated compartment for food containers. The air conditioning system with filters for both fresh air and recirculated air has a high fan capacity.

Comfort Line provides luxury comfort

 The unique cabin suspension system, Comfort Line, reduces shocks and impacts, making crane work and off-road driving much smoother. Comfort Line was launched as the first cabin damping system in 2007 and is thus a well-proven system. Since its inception, Comfort Line has been developed with improved software, more robust construction, and more precise positioning.


Quieter than a new car

The sound level is low - in our cabins, it's actually quieter than in a new car. Our cabins comfortably meet the ergonomic guidelines that exist for forestry machinery.


The right light in the dark creates a brilliant driver enviroment

We have taken a holistic approach to work lighting to further improve the driver environment in our forestry machines. Our LED lights are dimmable where needed and positioned in a way that significantly facilitates work and driving in the dark. With the right type of lighting, one can maintain concentration for longer periods of time and avoid becoming easily tired.


Same cabin model for all machine models

We have one cabin for all of our machines. The cabin interior, electrical system, data equipment, and control functions are identical, which is a significant advantage for drivers who switch between our different machine models.


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