Servicevänlighet genomsyrar våra maskiner

Good access make it straightforward and comfortable to serve

SERVICEABILITY Is an important factor in Rottne’s product development. It must be simple, convenient and easily accessible to perform maintenance, service, and repairs. Downtime is expensive for machine owners and high serviceability helps to reduce the time for maintenance, service, and repairs



The entire rear section of the harvester, housing the engine and transmission, can be quickly opened up for inspection and servicing (1). The hinged belly plates facilitate servicing work, but also make the entire rear section very easy to keep clean (2). A vacuum pump for the hydraulic system reduces oil spillage when e.g. replacing hoses. Electric pumps for diesel and hydraulic oil simplify filling (3). Troubleshooting on the electrical system can be performed via the operating screen of the machine’s control system.





The engine compartment is easily accessible when the engine hood is folded forward (1) and the belly plate is easily lowered down (2). The tilting cab opens up the entire powertrain for inspection and service (3). The cab has such a large tilt angle that heavier components can be lifted out from the tractor frame using basic lifting equipment.


Less risk of leakage

Our machines are equipped with hose couplings that have both a sealing cone and an o-ring to minimize the risk of leakage.

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